Food Vendors & Concessions

Western Welcome Week provides concession vendors on Festival Day Saturday, August 21, 2021. This is the only day during Western Welcome Week that features concession vendors.

The Concessions Committee has the responsibility of providing a well-balanced mix of foods and beverages for Festival Day attendees. The committee gives first consideration to non-profit organizations, then to commercial vendors, choosing a variety of foods and beverages.

Previous vendors are given the first right of refusal each year. If a space is available due to cancellation, etc., the committee will review requests from other vendors to fill the space with a menu that compliments what has already been approved.

Due to the number of requests for food vendors, we ask that you send a hard copy of information to Western Welcome Week, Inc.

Information Requested:

  • Full Menu and prices
  • Requirement of space
    • Dimensions
    • How is food prepared
    • Is electricity needed
  • Photo of booth, truck, etc.
  • Two references

Mail to:
Western Welcome Week
Attn: Concessions
5890 S. Bemis St.
Littleton, CO 80120

If you or your organization is selected to be a part of Western Welcome Week Festival Day, you will be required to complete the Western Welcome Week Concession Application and the Tri-County Health Temporary Food Permit. Due to the number of requests, notification will not be made unless you or your organization are selected to participate.

Western Welcome Week, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, reserves the right to refuse participation to any group, groups, individuals, an individual, association, business, or any other entity of any nature or type that WWW feels in its sole discretion would not further the goals of the organization, would not be appropriate considering circumstances, or might reflect negatively upon WWW, an individual or group.

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